Celebrate your wedding with heart and soul.

Clovely Estate offers the choice of two memorable venues for your wedding reception - the City Cellar Door with all the buzz of Brisbane's contemporary style or historic Barambah Homestead in the South Burnett region, at the home of Clovely Estate owners, Brett Heading and Susan Mercer.

If your style is traditional Queenslander with a banquet on long trestle tables in converted barn and stables, and sunsets over the gorgeous South Burnett countryside, Barambah Homestead is the perfect backdrop for your special day. If you prefer to be close to the heart of the city, where it is easier for guests to travel, and where you can step out into the twinkling city-scape at the end of the night, the City Cellar Door is all yours for the occasion.

Whichever you choose, our innovative and acclaimed chef will create an outstanding menu of local food to reflect your style and taste, and our wine is available at special prices for your celebration. Most importantly, we take time with you to make sure every detail contributes to the joy and personal expression of your special occasion.

Depending on seating arrangements, you can have up to 100 guests at the City Cellar Door or the converted barn at Barambah Homestead. Download our wedding event brochure here. Please contact Mike Kirwin to discuss the possibilities, menu options and availability of dates for 2019 and 2020.

Imagine your special day at timeless Barambah Homestead... or in Brisbane's lively Red Hill village